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GFL Foods, Inc. gluten-free pita bread let's you get stuffed the gluten-free way


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Heather  02/2010


Hi Rami!

Oh my gosh YES! I tried it today and it was amazing. I am going to post a review about it on my blog this week. I will email you when I do. It was so nice and soft and such a pleasure to eat a pita bread sandwich again! I will be telling everyone I know about these. Thank you for making such a great product for people who have to eat gluten free.


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April Marlow   01/2010

The highlight of work though, was DEFINITELY lunch! today GFL Foods sent me some pitas to sample, and they were the star of my lunch!  I heated the pita for 45 seconds, and stuffed it with spinach, turkey, and cheddar cheese. TASTY!!!! .I can honestly say that I will probably order these guys when I run out. It was so nice to be able to make a QUICK lunch!! And the pita bread was delicious!

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Tiffany Janes from Triumph Dining  01/2010

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Megan Phaup  01/2010

Just had my first Gluten Free Pita and am floored at how good they are. Can't wait to take them to the meeting next week and let everyone else try them. Thank you so much.

Erin Smith   01/2010

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Yep, it's true. GFL Foods is now selling gluten-free pita bread. This is one of those gluten-free things that you've always wanted, but almost no one makes gluten-free pitas. Now you can buy them online directly from the GFL website. The pita bread came to me defrosted although the packaging does suggest that you keep the pita bread frozen. I liked the flavor, but the bread was a bit crumbly. I was wondering if it would hold together better if it stayed frozen until you ate it. I put the gluten-free pita in the freezer as soon as I got it and then microwaved it when I was ready to eat. I tried it once with hummus and another time with goat cheese and pepperoni for a pizza-like snack. The dips kept the pita together better. Overall, I would recommend you give these gluten-free pitas from a try if you are looking for a quick snack bread.

Phyllis Alford  01/2010

 I received my order yesterday.  I ripped into the package and was greated by a wonder yeasty aroma.  I couldn't wait to taste the pita.  It was wonderful.  I'm so glad that I ordered 4 packages.  They are GREAT!  Thank you so much. Now if they only had some fiber.  Hum!

Marlisa Brown   MS RD CDE CDN   01/2010

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Looking for a delicious Pita to stuff or dunk into dips, well look no further. This pita bread which keeps well in the freezer and then puffs up in the microwave in less than a minute, or bakes in the oven in less than 5 minutes is perfect for enjoying anytime.

Jennifer Harris  11/2009

GFL Foods makes gf  Pita Bread; just heat in the micro and serve with your favorite hummus; nice texture and taste.

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Kim Bouldin  11/2009
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Heidi Kelly  11/2009
I received the pita bread last night and it is AWESOME! I love the flavor, even when I ate it before putting it in the microwave.

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Kfir   11/2009
What a great way to eat lunch at work... a stuffed pita.

Nilka 11/2009
Thank you so much for the pita samples. I loved them!! They were delicious! 

Mike Savett  10/2009
Gluten Free Philly Blog
Rami Aharon, the owner of GFL Foods in Merrick, New York, sent me some samples of his gluten-free pita bread a few weeks ago. Rami, whose son who has celiac disease, imports gluten-free flour from his native Israel for his pita bread recipe. His all-natural product, which is made in a dedicated kitchen, closely resembles the wheat version, with a similar texture and even a "pocket" for meats and vegetables. The bread tasted best after being warmed in the microwave oven for 30 seconds.

Christine Kissel  10/2009
I purchased gluten-free pita breads today for my daughter.  They are outstanding. They are regular-sized and super soft and do not crumble at all.  They are a good alternative to gf bread.  I plan on using them to make calzones.  The vendor is in Merrick, so you can avoid shipping costs by picking them up.  Thanks..

Ashley Williams  Philadelphia 09/2009
They were awesome !!