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It started in 1986 when our son was diagnosed with Celiac and we had to start him on a Gluten free diet. We had very little information and a lot of research ahead of us. We wanted our son to have a healthy life and be able to eat without getting sick. 

After much research, we found information about Celiac, Gluten-Free diets, many Gluten Free recipes and very little manufactured Gluten Free products.

The grocery stores were not stocked with Gluten free items and there was very little variety.   We had no choice but to do it Grandmas way in our kitchen. (Everything was baked and cooked fresh from scratch and a majority of the items were homemade.)

Over the years we baked a lot and through trial and error we came up with the best ever Gluten Free Pita Bread. The GF Pita Bread is great for a snack or lunch. it always tastes good and won’t crumble. Life has become easier and tastier for all people who need to be on such a diet.

It is easier now to find a variety of foods and ingredients that help you maintain a Gluten Free life.  The hope of GFL Foods Inc. is to provide you with access to some of those products.  Furthermore, we hope to help the general public who may be seeking some more information about Gluten Free foods and Celiac Disease.


$7.95 for a bag of 6 gluten free pitas

Shipping charge

$13.20 up to 4 bags

$19.50 up to 8 bags

$27.50 up to 11 

For 12 bags and above please contact us


Nutrition facts



Rice Flour,Corn Starch Flour ,Potato Flour , Yeast ,Xanthan Gum , Guar Gum ,Salt, Sugar, Canola Oil , Apple Cider, Baking Powder ,Water Nutrition Descriptors :Low Fat ,Low Saturated Fat ,Cholesterol Free ,Healthy Good Source of Carbohydrates

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